Campaign strategy for Perfume "Escentric Molecules". The perfume has the ability to enhance people's personal smell and therefore no one will smell the same when wearing it. By making a fake traditional campaign for a fictive and generic perfume brand – and afterwards destroying it – we were able to take the position as the perfume for people who dare to be different. Make sure to watch the case video at the bottom, in which a voice-over conveys the whole "meta-campaign" concept with supporting illustrations.

Fields: Campaign, strategy

Type: School project

Year: 2012

Made with: Steffen Christiansen, Daniel Stein, Claus Mikkelsen and Thorbjørn Gudnason.

Disclaimer: Please notice that this is a fictional project made as a part of a school program. We are not associated with Escentric Molecules or any of its affiliates.
Any photo used in the project are the property of their rightholders.